23 มกราคม หนุ่มหล่อเสียงดี Bastian Baker จะมาพูดคุยกันสดๆ กับเราที่นี่ ช่วงดีเจแบงค์

Music has always been a part of Bastian Baker life,
even as a young boy when music wasn’t at the
centre of his preoccupations, he lent his voice to
a school choir. Today, at only 23, he already sings
on Switzerland and Europe’s biggest stages with
the self-confidence of experienced performers.
To find the first signs of his artistic destiny, a close
look at his teen years must be taken; he had his
own secret garden, accompanied by just a guitar
and a pen. His first texts and his first chords date back to when he was 15, which already gave a
glimpse of a possible breakthrough.